Departmental Staff

Academic Staff; Administrative Staff; Emeritus Professors; Research Staff; Research Students; Computer Officers & Technical Staff; Teaching Assistants; Former Staff; Visiting Honorary Academics; Visiting Academics

Telephones: When dialling from off-campus, four-digit University telephone numbers should be prefixed by 87. From outside Colchester the dialling code is 01206; international callers should use the dialling code +44 1206.

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Academic Staff

Job Title
Prof Vic Callaghan vic Professor 2682 3A.526
Dr Martin Colley martin Lecturer 2673 3A.529
Dr Maria Fasli mfasli Lecturer 2327 5B.529
Dr John Ford fordj Senior Lecturer 2787 5B.539
Dr Chris Fox foxcj Reader 2576 3A.528
Dr John Gan jqgan Reader 3487 4B.521
Dr Dongbing Gu dgu Lecturer 4800 4B.529
Prof Hani Hagras hani Professor 3601 3A.524
Prof Martin Henson hensm Professor 2341 5A.528
Dr Martin Hicks (p/t) hicksm   t.b.a. t.b.a.
Prof Owen Holland owen Professor 2791 5A.542
Prof Huosheng Hu hhu Professor 2297 5B.528
Dr Udo Kruschwitz udo Lecturer 2669 5A.521
Dr Heba Lakany hlakany Lecturer 2668 5B.525
Mr Iain Langdon ilangdon Teaching Fellow 4425 5B.521
Dr Simon Lucas sml Reader 2048 4B.526
Mr Dave Lyons lyond Senior Teaching Fellow 2674 5A.535
Dr Klaus McDonald-Maier kdm Reader 4376 5A.538
Dr Nick Mitchell npmitc Teaching Fellow 4404 5B.523
Dr Ulrich Nehmzow udfn Reader 3586 5B.524
Dr Palaniappan Ramaswamy rpalan Lecturer 2773 5B.527
Dr Massimo Poesio poesio Reader 2686 5A.544
Prof Riccardo Poli rpoli Professor 2338 4B.524
Mr Keith Primrose keithp Senior Teaching Fellow 2785 5B.536
Mr Jerome Robinson robij Lecturer 2683 5A.539
Dr Mike Sanderson sands Senior Teaching Fellow 2337 3A.521
Dr Paul Scott scotp Senior Lecturer 2015 5B.526
Dr Francisco Sepulveda fsepulv Reader 4151 4.516
Dr Libor Spacek spacl Lecturer 2343 4B.525
Dr Sam Steel sam Senior Lecturer/Head of Department 2790 5B.540
Mr Michael Tate (p/t) mtate   t.b.a. t.b.a.
Professor Edward Tsang edward Professor 2774 5A.531
Professor Ray Turner turnr Professor 2342 4B.528
Dr Norbert Völker norbert Lecturer 2258 4B.527
Mr Martin Waite waitm Principal Teaching Fellow 2254 5B.534
Mr Dick Williams rjw Senior Teaching Fellow 2678 5A.534
Dr Qingfu Zhang qzhang Reader 2336 4B.523

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Visiting Honorary Academics

Name Residence

Awarded Title

Dr James Borrett Global Optimum Limited, Ipswich Visiting Fellow
Dr Graham Clarke Colchester Visiting Fellow
Mr Bernard Horan Sun Research Laboratory Visiting Fellow
Professor Steve Reeves Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato Honorary Professor
Professor Roberto  Iglesias Rodrigues Computer Science, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain Honorary Lecturer
Dr Chris Voudouris Group Chief Technology Office at BT, Ipswich Honorary Professor
Dr Keith Walker Physics and Engineering at Point Loma Nazarene University San Diego USA Visiting Fellow

Academic Visitor

Dr Richard Sutcliffe rsutch  Academic Visitor 4382 5B.535


Administrative Staff

Job Title
General Office ces-genoffice Undergraduate Enquiries 2770 4.514
  ces-gradoffice Postgraduate Taught Enquiries 2256 4.514
  ces-research Postgraduate Research Enquiries 4879 4.514
  ces-finance Finance Enquiries 2135 1N1.3.2
Mrs Ramona Bacon ramona Finance Administrator 2135 1N1.3.2
Mrs Sandra Beckett sbeckett Finance Administrator (Research) 2454 1N1.3.2
Mrs Marisa Bostock marisa Postgraduate Research Administrator 4879 4.514
Miss Charlotte Davies cdavies Departmental Secretary 2790 5B.542
Mrs Christine Jennings chrisj Senior Departmental Administrator 3488 5B.544
Mrs Debbie Frostick dfrost Postgraduate Taught Administrator 2256 4.514
Mrs Janet George janetg Postgraduate Taught Administrator 2438 4.514
Mrs Amanda King ajking Undergraduate Administrator (Year 0/1) tba 4.514
Ms Sharone Neuhoff sharone Purchasing Officer 4413 1N1.3.2A
Mrs Julie Poole jpoole Administrator/Web Officer 3497 4.512
Ms Claire Sayers clsayers Undergraduate Administrator (Year 3) 2770 4.514
Mrs Deborah Turner deboraht Departmental Administrator 2418 4.512
Mrs Rachele Winn rachele Undergraduate Administrator (Year 2)/Web Officer 2679 4.514

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Computer Officers and Technical Staff

Job Title
Mr Robin Dowling dowlr Technical Staff 2149 3.515
Mr John Hammond hammj Technical Staff 2672 5A.526
Mr Malcolm Lear malcolm Technical Staff 2149 3.515
Dr Andrew Tams tamsao Senior Computer Officer 2781 5A.525
Mr Simon Moore moors Technical Staff 4505 5.510
Mr Kevan Wilding kwilding Computer Officer 3583 5A.527

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Research Staff

Job Title
Dr R Artstein artstein Senior Research Officer 3291 3A.523
Mr Nikolaos Bartzoudis nbartz Senior Research Officer 2435 4B.522
Mr Yossi Borenstein yboren Senior Research Officer tba 3A.525
Dr Faiyaz Doctor fdocto Senior Research Officer t.b.a. t.b.a.
Dr Tao Geng tgeng Senior Research Officer 4384 3A.532
Mr Richard Newcombe ranewc Senior Research Officer 4093 1N1.2.6
Mr Andrew Hopkins ahopkins Senior Research Officer 2435 4B.522
Mr Robert Keller rkeller Senior Research Officer 2680 5A.536
Dr Michael Michalakopoulos mmichag Senior Research Officer 3805 2.528
Mr Peter Sartain psartain Senior Research Officer 2435 4B.522
Mr Richard Scottow rscottow Senior Research Officer 2435 4B.522
Dr Nazaraf Shah shahn Senior Research Officer tba 3A.525
Dr Aleksandra Vučković   Senior Research Officer 4125 3A.532

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